Executives during training

CISO ExecEd Certificate Program

Cybersecurity is a top challenge for governments, corporations, and many other organizations in today’s digital world. Duke University’s certification program equips Chief Information Security Officers (CISO), executives, and managers with cutting-edge, adaptive, and interdisciplinary training that enables them to navigate the increasingly complex environment of their organizations and beyond. 

The 11-week Duke CISO Executive Education Program is designed to empower chief information security officers, government officials, corporate managers, and executives to confidently and effectively address cybersecurity threats. Moreover, the course will enhance competitiveness in the field by fostering the foresight needed to adeptly manage future cyber risks. 
Facilitated by leading global experts and practitioners, participants will engage in a rigorous online curriculum and gain proficiency in diverse subjects, including but not limited to cloud security, operational technology security, artificial intelligence/machine learning security, and various other pertinent topics.

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